Top Marketplaces To Sell Themes & Templates Online


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In This blog, I tell you some top Marketplaces to sell online digital.

You can earn money by selling them. But Before we can start I give you some tips so u have you to keep in your mind before Developing a design or template.

Here I tell you something that is very important because many new authors got confused about what is exclusive and non-exclusive in every marketplace.

Exclusive- Exclusive means u can only sell online digital on one marketplace and your earning are high. U can earn 50% to 70% commision of each sale.But on exclusive, u cannot upload the same item on another marketplace.

Non-Exclusive- Non-Exclusive means u can sell online digital on any platform but your earning is low. U can earn 30% to 40% commision of each sale. And in non-exclusive, u can upload the same item on any marketplace.


So Let’s Begin

First of all, u have to create a stunning design that attracts buyers to purchase. Your Design must be creative, simple, modern, usable and editable.
because many buyers prefer those template which is simple and modifies easily.

So Search marketplace to see what’s on trending and start designing it.


Before Developing a template u should know about the consistency of the code. Your code must be simple, easy to understand, have commented on each section. and must be free of error.
You can check your coding on w3validtor website.


When your job is done there are other things u have to do that is put your template on the server.Because before live preview no one sees your template. So buy the domain and hosting from GoDaddy or another online server provider.
And yes cannot upload a file to free server because there is a bug on them. And no marketplace accept that.

So The First marketplace is


Templatemonster is the first marketplace to sell template. You can sell anything on this marketplace whether it is HTML template, WordPress template, Joomla template, Magento template, or etc. you can also sell PSD files. Selling templates on Templatemonster is easy it takes 2 or 3 working days to review your item.if your template is not approved on Templatemonster
they even tell you each and everything about why your template was rejected.They gave 30$ on each seeling if u are non-exclusive and 50$ to 60$ if u are exclusive.
U can withdrawal money twice in a month if your earning is equal and greater than 100$. Your money will be sent to Paypal

I put Templatemonster for first because their review process is faster and you can earn more money as compared to another marketplace.


Themeforest is the second marketplace to sell online digital like WordPress themes, Their review process is high they take 20 days to review your item. They check each and everything about your item whether it’s
consistency, creativity, modification, coding, or etc. In ThemeForest every 5 minutes or 10 minutes they add new items. If u choose

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